Songs are reflections of a lifetime ruled by moon phases and mood swings.”

— Luna



Luna rises out of Los Angeles with an affinity for classic pop songs and tragic love stories. Her edgy, retro-contemporary pop look and sound are charged by a lifetime of intoxicating experiences, hopeless romanticism and vintage nostalgia. Luna's debut EP, "This Must Be Love" is out April 24, 2020, on the Producers Social Record Label.

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Los Angeles’ Luna Drops Debut EP THIS MUST BE LOVE - Available Everywhere Now 

Los Angeles, CA - Multifaceted artist, Luna rises out of Los Angeles with the release of her debut EP, THIS MUST BE LOVE - Available worldwide now! The five track studio masterpiece is the result of five months in the making. Produced and co-written by Ethan Ziemba aka Deadfriend, the result is a heartbreaking, intoxicating journey through love.   

“‘This Must Be Love’ (the EP) is the story of a damaged heart wandering to find faith in love again. It is a lifetime of experiences revealed in five songs,” says Luna, “ it is the self actualization of love. It is about redefining and understanding your relationship with love in the present while letting go of how it was in the past.”  

With the release of “This Must Be Love” Luna reminds her audience that sometimes love hurts. Everyone has had that love that makes you do crazy things, or leaves you in a dark state of mind. An honest look at the ups and downs of  relationships, Luna explores the end of a relationship, sometimes bad, but celebrates new beginnings, acknowledging that past experiences shouldn’t stop you from pursuing love again.  

On her collaborator, Luna remarks “Deadfriend is talented and has good energy. He really gets what I’m going for and brings a lot to the table as the producer, engineer and co-writer of the EP. He takes my best stuff one step further and I think that’s really important to consider when you work with someone.”  

The title track, This Must Be Love was the first song Luna and Deadfriend wrote together. It’s punchy, it’s raw and sets the premise of the entire EP. “I didn’t hold back on this one and that’s the energy that fueled the entire project.” - Luna 

Everlasting is about true love transcending the physical. It is the culmination of all the pent up emotions revealed in the songs before. It is about healing and moving on, and has a sense of hopeless nostalgia that soon grows into wisdom.  

Luna draws inspiration for her sound from personal experiences, resulting in a beautiful medley of contrasts. Edgy but hopeless romantic, retro but contemporary; Nostalgic notes and future beats collide to create Luna’s distinct sound - an intoxicating voice that leaves fans wanting more.  

This Must Be Love - Available Now 


This Must Be Love


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Full 5 track EP out now!

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